Forensic Biology

Forensic Biology describes the examination of items for biological materals (blood, saliva, semen etc) and the interpretation of that evidence. These body fluids contain DNA, which can be used to help to identify the person leaving the material. Blood pattern analyis (BPA) is used to help to determine the actions of individuals at a scene, whether innocent bystander, victim or perpetrator. BPA relies on the physical properties of liquid blood, which determine the appearance of blood stains caused by different actions, for example, kicking, punching, hitting with an implement or contact staining. The examination of crime scenes and items can thus assist the forensic scientist in developing a hypothesis as to the likely chain of events which has occured. Our experts have a vast amount of experience in the examination and interpretation of the full range of biological materials, as well as DNA analysis and interpretation. We can also offer expertise in the interpretation of footwear marks made in blood. We are often asked to act for the police and the defence in a wide range of cases such as murder, rape, sexual assault, GBH and assault. Our experts can advise on the significance of scientific findings and put forward alternative hypotheses when possible.

  • Examination of items, Interpretation and assessment of body fluids; blood, saliva, semen

  • Interpretation and analysis of DNA evidence

  • Blood Pattern Analysis

  • Footwear marks in blood - visualisation, examination and comparison

  • Scene and laboratory examinations

  • Expert enhancement and photography of latent bloodstaining

  • Case Review and hypothesis testing