Fire and Explosion Investigation

Our forensic experts have considerable experience in fire investigation and explosion investigation at the scenes to establish the origin, cause and potential development  of a fire or explosion. Our expert fire investigation team is led by Andrew Wade, a very experienced fire investigator who has personally dealt with a huge range of arsons and accidental fire investigations including fatal fires, electrical fires, large/structural fires and vehicle fires. He has attended over one thousand potential scenes of crime. His expertise extends to fires involving vapour phase explosions, indendiary devices and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). He has dealt with many high profile and sensitive fire scene investigations. Our fire and explosion investigation service includes:

  • Fire scene investigations and re-examinations
  • Investigation of potential scenes of crime involving fires and explosions
  • Investigation of vapour phase explosions, e.g petrol, gas
  • Viability of incendiary and improvised explosive devices, e.g. fireworks
  • Interpretation of fire and burning damage of key items at the scene of a fire or explosion
  • Interpretation of thermal injuries including scalds - this of particular use in child protection cases
  • Laboratory analysis to determine the presence or otherwise of liquid fire accelerants, such as petrol, paraffin, white spirit or diesel
  • Laboratory examination of electrical items to determine whether they were "live" at the time of the fire
  • Examination of clothing for burning damage, for example flash burns from a petrol vapour explosion
  • Reviews and analysis of scientific findings
  • Assessment and evaluation of all documentary and photographic evidence
  • Burning tests and incident reconstructions to answer key questions such as fire development and burning times
Investigation of Windsor Castle fire Investigation of Penhallow Hotel fire