Firearms and Ammunition

Our firearms experts have several year's experience working on high profile and serious cases, terrorist and criminal incidents (including the Provisional IRA campagn in London and Northern Ireland). First Forensic service includes:

  • Firearms, weapons and ammunition examination for the purposes of classification, test firing and ballistic assessments
  • Assessment of the mechanical condition of firearms including damage, modification, deactivation and safety issues

  • Comparison of cartridge cases and missilesForensic examination of handgun

  • Function testing and evaluation of firearms

  • Distance and range of fire determination

  • Analysis and reconstruction of complex shooting incidents

  • Analysis of and comment on prohibited weapons such as tear gas canisters (CS and pepper sprays) and Offensive Weapons (for example acid and othe irritant sprays)
  • Examination and assessment of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)