Forensic Photography Experts


We are proud to announce the launch of this new service, led by Richard Thomas, a forensic photographer with several years experience working for a large forensic service provider, with an excellent reputation for producing work of exceptional quality. We can now provide a wide range of specialist forensic photography services at scenes of crime, other incidents and within the laboratory. Using state of the art techniques and equipment, we are able to add value to forensic examinations by visualising physical evidence which is invisible to the naked eye. These techniques can be used in a wide range of situations, to maximise the forensic potential of a given examination.

  • Micro and macro photography, used for small samples and trace evidence
  • Production of high quality visual aids, providing high quality, easy to understand evidence at court
  • Image enhancement, using selected light filters, Crimescope, Ultra Violet and Infra Red
  • Scene plans, illustrations and other graphics
  • Footwear marks on any surface, including patterned paper, clothing, carpets etc
  • Visualisation of traces of blood on any surface
  • Enhancement of marks previously treated with chemicals
  • Tyre marks
  • Fingerprints
  • Scene and laboratory recording