Product Contamination

We provide a bespoke analytical and consultation service to meet the needs of our clients, matching the individual circumstances of each case, providing the client with the information they need. We carry out a range of examinations using state of the art equipment to identify the nature and origin of the contaminant or adulterant. We also comment on the method of introduction as well as when and where the contamination occured.

  • Free initial consultation and advice
  • Tailored examination to meet the clients needs and expectations
  • Comment on the origin and identification of product contaminants and adulterants
  • Comparison with suspect materials
  • Assessment of product alteration and damage
  • Product testing
  • Assessment of manufacuring defects
  • Examination of physical evidence using a wide range of microscopical analytical techniques
  • Analysis of materials using instrumental techniques
  • Comment on the method by which the contaminants could have been introduced
  • Clear, concise reports
  • Expert witness for court


Examples of recent cases include

  • Our client, a supplier of barbeque lighter fluid, had received a complaint from a customer that one of their products had exploded, resulting in an injury to the customer. We carried out various laboratory tests and determined that the product was actually a rather ineffective lighter material and the injury suffered by the complainant was more likely to have been caused by misuse of the product. As a result of our work, the compainant discontinued his action against our client.
  • We were asked to examine some packaging which had been deliberately altered. We subjected the packaging to a range of examinations to determine the method by which the materials had been altered, allowing the client to determine when and where the damage occured, ensuring there were no repeat instances.
  • Suspected glass in a bar of soap, which we were able to identify and comment on the likely source. Our evidence ensured that the client was not prosecuted, thereby saving him considerable time and money.
  • Tampering of security bolts on a number of container lorries, which had been cut off and glued and painted back together. We were able to examine the bolts and determine which tool had made the damage and identify the paint and adhesive used, thereby assisting the client in ensuring that the damage was not repeated.